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At Yoho! we are passionate about teaching people the fun and benefits of our skill games. We believe that children in particular gain a great many positive outcomes from physical skill play that are not always available in other more traditional school sports or physical educational practices. The last twenty years has seen a strong resurgence in the popularity of these skills in schools and communities. Much has been written by academics and practitioners in the field.

yoho twirling poi

Below we have listed some of the benefits that have been described.

  • Psychomotor skills: timing, coordination, throwing and catching. Gross and fine motor skills
  • Cognitive skills: understanding patterns, rhythm, conceptualising in 3 dimensions
  • Affective skills: goal setting, determination, learning through failure
  • Providing an excellent model for cooperative learning
  • Involves all students, regardless of gender, size, age, physical skill, fitness level or experience
  • Boost to students personal self esteem and self confidence
  • Development of group co-operation skills
  • Develop balance, rhythm and reflexes;
  • Improving concentration and staying ‘on task’
  • Giving musical, spatial, kinesthetic & interpersonal learners a way to excel · Development of patience, persistence and gratification delay
  • Develop tracking and crossing the midline, vital elements in reading;
  • Improve sequencing skills that are used in math and science;
  • The learning process is cumulative and reinforces the benefits of practicing a skill
yoho diabolo

The above benefits are extended when skilled play is taken to the ‘Performance’ level .
Many children love to perform their skills in front of others. Even the simplest performance can involve an entire new range of responsibilities and deliver new personal and interpersonal benefits. When students can get up and perform successfully for adults or other students, self esteem soars. The key to enhanced self-esteem is the realization of one's self-worth, and nothing brings this home to kids better than praise and applause from peers and adults. Furthermore, as most students are excited about the opportunity to perform they are usually very willing to be involved in the organization, promotion and running of the performance event.

If you would like to experience the fun and positive outcomes of our Skilled Energy workshops in your School or community please email us at info@yohotoys.com or give us a call on 07 3374 0090.

For a more detailed description of the benifits of Yoho skilled energy product in a schools environment you can download the work of our researcher Nick Seton. Skill Play Learning Benefits (48KB pdf)



I am writing this letter to thank you for encouraging us to participate in the Skilled Energy Workshops at our school last week.

Staff and students alike have remarked on the fantastic, enjoyable, informative and well organised sessions with your performers catering to the needs of the students and managing their interest levels very well.

An interest in diabolos, twirling sticks etc has been re-kindled with many parents commenting on the benefits of the sessions. - Their children are feeling more confident and are more willing to perserve when attempting to use a diabolo. Should you consider repeating the Yoho Skilled Energy Workshops we would be very interested in participating.

Regards and thankyou
Tania Fairman
A/Dep Principal

Hi Yoho,
I would like to congratulate you all on a great product, and a great website. I purchased a Yoho Diabolo last year, after working with a group of school children who were a part of a circus program that involved your diabolos in a local primary school.

I am currently teaching a group of 10 highly disadvantaged 13 and 14 year olds at Kiwinana Senior High School, and have begun to use your diabolos in our class program. I have seen my students develop in a multitude of ways since we began to use the diabolo, my students are learning to share equally, use hand-eye co-ordination, concentration, patience, teamwork, social skills and also teach skills to others. These are all skills that my students struggle with in a traditional classroom setting.

We are currently using 3 diabolos in our class, the one that I purchased last year, as well as two others that we bought at the beginning of this term. I also purchased a set of spin stix over the weekend, and spent a lot of time learning new skills from the DVD that came with it (which is just brilliant by the way).We would like to further our diabolo program, and begin to teach the skills to other students in the mainstream classes at our school.

Thankyou so much for your time.

Brooke Baker
Education Support Teacher

Dear Yoho Team,
I am writing to thank you for the recent energy skills workshop that you conducted here at Forest Lake College. It was a fantastic day with all 3 sessions receiving glowing reports back from the students. The skills and instructions of the performers and the structure of the 90 minute sessions allowed all students to enjoy a fully hands on experience. In this day and age it is amazing to witness a large group of adolescents fully engrossed in an active activity for an extended period of time. In fact I can not remember the last time I had 100% participation in a PE lesson (even the kids in casts were giving it a try). Yoho products allowed the students to enhance both their fine and gross motor skills and fostered their hand eye coordination. In the teaching profession the importance of time on task is regularly stressed, this means the percentage of the lesson that students are actively learning. Both myself and the other teachers involved with the workshop commented on the students desire to get involved and to learn the skills required to perfect the basic skills of the 4 products. Some students in Physical Education classes shy away from the competitive nature of sports but Yoho products allowed them to learn at their own pace and to experience success at different levels. The instructors were able to cater beautifully for the range of abilities of the students and could advance the skills for older age groups or more naturally coordinated children. The popularity of the workshops was evident at lunchtime when so many students returned to practice what they had learnt in previous sessions or brought their friends to come and try the products. Since your workshop some of the students continue to bring the Yoho products they purchased to school and practice at lunchtimes. I’m sure that many of the skills and new found coordination they have gained through use of the products will transfer to other activities and sports they encounter in the future. Thanks again!

Hilton Whitehorne
Physical Education Teacher
Forest Lake College

What a buzz the school yard is! Our school has been involved with Little Devils circus skills and students have all purchased YOHO circus products. We are thrilled with the quality and service YOHO have offered us. I would recommend these products and would encourage all schools to participate fully. Hoopla Hoopla the circus is in town!

Traci Cenedese.
Performing Arts Teacher
Hampton Primary School.