yoho trick skipping rope

Let Yoho show you the way to great skipping fun and skill. Skipping is more than just jumping rope - good skippers need good equipment. At Yoho we have consulted with some of the best skippers in Australia. Kids who travel the world (and Australia) competing at high level skipping, and winning some very impressive medals.

They told us that to be better at skipping, kids need longer handles and the “right” weight of plastic rope. They told us lots more and also let us film them to make a very fun training CD-Rom.

Come and enjoy the fun of skipping with Yoho. Our special thanks to Start Skipping and the skipping kids from Cleveland Air Magic and Carindale Atomic Skippers

YOHO Trick Rope features:

  • Extra long handles for trick skipping with swiveling cord
  • Fully adjustable for length – really important!
  • Three colour combinations to choose from
  • Yoho comprehensive instructional CD Rom with movies and lots more
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yoho trick skipping rope