yoho spinstix

Some players say “it’s the super sticky covering material” ...others say “it’s the outrageously flexi main stick” that lets them do those extra tricks, and some say ‘they just feel right’! We think they’re all correct, and we are very proud of our new Spinstix.

We believe these are the easiest flowersticks in the world to learn with, and ‘grippy’ enough for the most demanding tricks. Well balanced and very colourful.

Yoho! Spinstix features:

  • Choice of three colour finishes
  • Yoho’s special Stickygrip finish for fast learning and easier play
  • Flexible central shaft for bounce tricks for your ankles, knees, elbows…you name it!
  • Spinstix come with a Yoho instructional CD Rom that gives over 40 short video lessons. Each video has additional text and each can also be watched in slow motion or frame by frame
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yoho spinstix