Yoho’s new 3-in-1 Combination Poi is the ultimate in daytime poi fun. Extra long & bright dual colour poi tails, PLUS the speedy option of removing the tails and only using the fluro poi ball, OR, convert again into close body short poi for a new level of poi tricks. Our Twirling Poi are manufactured from the highest quality materials, no nasty tennis balls or plastic resin bags.

Our super soft Poi balls don’t bruise upon impact and will never come off the cord.

YoHo Spinballz features:

  • Choice of three bright, dual colour poi. Each poi has a colour that is reactive to black light. Cords are length adjustable, with a non-slip toggle.
  • Converts from Comet poi to Ball poi to Short poi. To understand the differences check out the video of Grace Billings. Grace is one cool performer.
  • All Yoho Twirling Poi come with a Yoho instructional CD Rom (PC and Mac) that gives over 40 short video lessons. Each video has additional text and each can also be watched in slow motion or frame by frame.
  • Our CD Rom also contains great movie footage and freestyle play where our performers just have fun twirling!! Very inspiring
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