yoho juggling balls

Keep your eye on the ball(s) and expand your mind! Juggling has long been associated with skill and learning, and there is now proof that it can expand the size of your brain.

Juggling is one the most rewarding skill activities. You can do it anywhere (except underwater, or in outer space). There is no limit to the trick possibilities and boundaries you can push, the objects you can juggle or the people you will meet whilst juggling. Yoho makes juggling easy to learn, with bright coloured 65 grams neoprene balls, made specifically for younger hands. The bright coloured neoprene (wetsuit material), gives a quality feel that you won’t find in standard vinyl balls. They are not tightly packed so they won’t bounce out of your hands. They are extremely durable and washable too!

Yoho! Juggling Ballz feature:

  • 65 grams – great for smaller hands!
  • Made from neoprene – wetsuit material – cool bright colours and washable
  • Instructional CD Rom with 50+ tricks to help you get started; and freestyle movies to inspire! Each video has additional text and each can also be watched in slow motion or frame by frame.
  • Bonus carry bag
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yoho juggling balls