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Yoho is taking hoop play to another level with it brand new Light Up Hoop.

With over 18 super-bright Red, Blue and Green LED's in our new Hoop this creates an incredible light show for all. You can control the lights to hold any colour you like, let them move through the colour spectrum or enjoy the rainbow effects of the flashing function.

Our hoops are weighted to allow learners to pick up good hoop technique and then have the momentum in the hoop to move on to explore more advanced hoop play.

In developing our instructional CD Rom we have been very fortunate to get the training advise from one of Australia top hoop trainers, Yos Worth. With her talented young performers from Australia's #1 kids circus, the Flying Fruit Fly Circus, we have filmed over 40 video tricks for you to learn.

Yoho! Electro Hoop feature:

  • 6 Sets of red, green and blue LED's in every hoop
  • Batteries: 3 X AAA 1.5 vt
  • Large size 900mm diameter (35") Weight 410 grams (14.5oz.)
  • Small size 750mm diameter (30") Weight 390 grams (13.7oz.)
  • Comprehensive CD Rom in 7 languages with over 40 videos, movies and more
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