yoho juggling balls

Experience the visual celebration of juggling with Yoho's latest Light up Juggling Balls.

Take your juggling into the night and watch how even the easiest tricks transform into a great display of colour and movement. You can set each ball to just one colour and enjoy the patterns or go for the full flashing rainbow effect.

Our new light up juggling Balls are perfect for jugglers or all ages and levels or experience.

Yoho! Electro Juggling Ballz feature:

  • 62 grams ( 2.2oz.) per ball
  • 62 mm diameter
  • Each ball used 2 X CR2032 watch batteries
  • Lasts for over 24 hours of continuous play
  • Includes Yoho's comprehensive instructional CD Rom with over 50 slow motion videos, movies and more
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yoho juggling balls