yoho diabolo

Our new Light Up LED Diabolo is the best of its kind in the world. It looks great with fully translucent cups that allow a wonderful bright glowing effect through the diabolo. At the same time there is a stunning light display if you are standing in front of the diabolo.

Built with Yoho's attention to detail and quality engineering this is a robust piece of equipment that will impress everyone.

The Yoho LED Diabolo plays like a jumbo Diabolo and is both a great learners diabolo as well as being suitable for performers and advanced players.
Warning: Yoho Diabolo play is highly addictive!!

Yoho Electro Diabolos feature:

  • Cup diameter 112mm - 4.41"
  •  Each side of the diabolo houses Red, Green and Blue super bright LED's
  • Yoho developed IC control that allows colours to be held, travel through the spectrum or flash to create stunning rainbow effects.
  • Each light module uses 2 X CR2032 batteries. 4 in total for each Diabolo
  • Cups are 100% hardwearing polyurethane.
  • Total weight = 298 grams - (10.5 oz.)
  •  Yoho's comprehensive CD Rom is included with every LED Diabolo
  • Hand sticks included.
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yoho diabolo