yoho diabolo

We reckon Yoho diabolos are just about the simplest spinning fun available. Never before could two sticks a piece of string and a round thing that looks like an hourglass open up so many possibilities. Your whole body gets involved when the diabolo is tossed, passed, bounced and spun around your body. Pass them to a friend, form a line and pass them on…..have a high toss tournament (wearing helmets !).

You can learn to spin a yoho diabolo in 5 minutes and throw and catch it in ten. From then on the sky is the limit. Diabolo tricks and routines are infinite in variety and complexity but even the simplest routine works well. Develop your own style and get spinning!
Warning: Yoho Diabolo play is highly addictive!!

Yoho Diabolos feature:

  • High quality Polyurethane cups for long life, abrasion resistance and excellent shape holding
  • Stainless steel ferrule for the string to spin on
  • Fibreglass hand sticks for flex, power and great grinds
  • CD_Rom instructions with movies and more
  • Two sizes, standard (100mm dia.) and Jumbo (125mm dia.)
  • Lots of great colours to chose from
  • Each video has additional text and each can also be watched in slow motion or frame by frame
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yoho diabolo