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Since 1990 we have specialised in skill games that challenge and deliver fun for players from ages 6 and upward. Our mission is to design and manufacture high quality skill toys that are accessible to all. We believe in players gaining skill and enjoyment through good tuition, so that is why all Yoho skill products come with our comprehensive interactive CD Rom’s.

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electro hoop

Electro Hoops

Hoop play is back and getting classy.

Hoops are being twirled all over the world and now with the full dazzle of Yoho's 18 super bright LED's in multi colours....hoop play will never be the same again! Our Hoops are weighted and balanced for genuine hoop tricks and play.

Our new instructional hoop CD features the amazing kids from Australia's Flying Fruit Fly Circus! Free with every hoop.

Two sizes: 900mm (35") and 750mm (30")

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